The Truth is Out There

I don’t believe in Sunny California. Every time I visit Southern California it’s gray for about 50% of my visit.

In my book, 50% does not earn a place the moniker “Sunny.”

I feel a bit like I’ve been lied to all my life. Even my husband, who lived in CA, keeps trying to insist that it really is Sunny California. Do you know what I think?

I think it’s all just a mass conspiracy.

The whole world is converging trying to create the image of Sunny California in order to control the brains of the populace. Even though it’s so cloudy, as you leave the state you are nabbed by the Aliens of California who erase your mind and let you out on the world to spread the rumor of Sunny California. This attracts more and more people to live there until the Aliens ultimately take over the world and brainwash everyone into thinking that the whole world is Sunny.


I have escaped and I am here to tell the tale. California is really cloudy!

If I come out next time trying to correct my former sentiments and claiming a Sunny California, you’ll know.

They got me.

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