My tomato plant is not dead. It lives! However, it was looking more like two tomato plants than one. How is this? At the bottom is a very healthy looking growing tomato plant, with many leaves and little tomato branches. About ten inches up, it was reduced to a single stalk, which rose for about a foot, then had another growth of little tomato plant leaves and stalks. O.o So today I snipped off the top and planted it in another planter. I’ve been told you can take cuttings like this and that they will survive.

We shall see.

At least the bottom of the plant will survive.

On Sunday as I was doing some visiting teaching, I was chatting with my teachee’s husband while she finished up washing dishes. When she came out, he took one of their kids up to bed, turned and said to me, “Have a good evening, Sister Meeks.”

He called me Sister Meeks. This man is almost ten years older than me, he’s worked for the CIA, he has three kids, and he called me that. It was bizarre; I feel like too much of a kid to have an adult who’s that much older and more established than I am call me by such an adult name.

As I was turning in my last final (it was a take home), and as I was walking home I saw a couple of guys on pogo sticks. No, seriously, pogo sticks. I’ve never actually seen anybody riding pogo sticks.

Playing on pogo sticks?

Jumping on pogo sticks?

What is the correct verb for what one does with pogo sticks?

Anyways, I was totally engrossed. They were going around five feet off the ground and landing on one little bitty stick not two inches wide. Insanity!

What is wrong with those people?


One thought on “Vignettes

  1. I’m excited to watch your adventures with your tomato plant if only so I can compare it to my adventures with my gardenia bonsai :D

    I’m sorry I had to get off the phone so abruptly! After four hours of no calls, I get three in a row!

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