Today every cup in our house was dirty, and about 95% of the plates.

We hosted a BBQ, and rather than forking out the money for paper plates and cups, I opted to just use all of our plates. The BBQ went off well, despite the fact that Wesley was the only one to show up on time. The next guest showed up 30 minutes late (Amy), and the next two ten minutes afterwards.

I need to remember that I live in Utah, the land of the perpetually late.

We ended up having eight guests, so plus us was ten people. Hooray! This is an accomplishment for me, because as the resident socially inept one, hosting events is scary and hard. I did it partly to overcome my fear of hosting events as well as to see my friends.

I had invited twenty guests, but since it’s the weekend between the end of winter semester and the beginning of spring, many people had fled Provo to seek warmer climates.

Except for our friend, Prince Charming, he fled Provo in search of colder climates (i.e. Wisconsin). Tee hee.

I have now cleaned all of the dishes (since Kyle cooked I cleaned) and all 7 of our chairs have been returned to their rightful homes at tables, desks, and in the corner where our camping chairs belong.

Kyle and I then went to Best Buy and started thinking with Portals. Portal 2 is a fun puzzle game that evidently came out the other day, but since we can’t purchase it and Best Buy is demoing it, we went to play it there.

Then we came home and I made Kyle cook again. It was tasty. And I didn’t have to make it. Doing the dishes afterwards was even worth it.

Kyle just informed me that “afterwards” is not in fact a word.

Afterwards, I sat down and wrote a blog post. Now we’re up to the present, so good night, farewell, and Happy Easter!


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