Letter to My Father

Dearest Daddy,

Today I roasted a chicken. It was delicious, it had thyme, paprika, salt and pepper for seasonings, bacon toothpicked to the top for flavor, and swimming in some beef broth so that it didn’t dry out.

The house smelled lovely, and I was duly impressed with myself until I pulled it out of the oven.

When I realized that I have no idea how to cut up a chicken.

I probably should have thought this one through before I purchased the chicken.

When you come out this summer, can we please make a chicken or turkey and have you show me how to cut it up?



P.S. It still tasted good, though it looked a little worse for the wear by the time I cut it up. I also discovered that my knife cuts through chicken bones.


4 thoughts on “Letter to My Father

    • Haha. I got the chicken in case we needed an Easter dinner, and it was significantly cheaper and smaller than a turkey. But it was fun; if it was just a bit easier to get the meat off the bones I’d do it regularly.

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