So yesterday I missed posting. Why? Well, because I was making this.

It’s a baby blanket for my sister-in-law. Since they’re not finding out the gender, I had to find gender neutral colors. I was looking for a nice green, or orange perhaps, but they all had floral prints. Or non-floral prints that were pastel and still distinctly girl-y. Which would be fine if the baby was a girl, but I don’t believe in giving girly prints to boys.

Then I remembered that the baby was due early July and, channeling my Fourth of July birthday, I decided a red, white and blue blankie would be just lovely.

Also, see that white fabric? It’s a minkie fabric. It is one of the softest things I have ever touched in my life. If we had touch and feel internet, you’d be able to appreciate how baby-soft it is. Which is good, since it’s for a baby and everything.

Hi baby!

I thought it turned out pretty well. It made me want a minkie lined blankie to snuggle in, at least.


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