Sunny Day

I live in Utah, which means that “spring” is generally bipolar, snowing one day and then 70 degrees F the next. While annoying, at least there are sunny days to balance out the cold ones.


This year it’s like the weather gods are laughing at us by sending us cold day after cold day after cold day, with the very occasional warm day to make us think that maybe, just maybe, spring is coming.

Today was one of those warm days. It was in the 70s, beautiful outside, and just two days ago it was snowing. The perfect day spent outside.

So naturally, I spent 7 hours at work, 2 hours in classes, and 2  hours doing another indoors activity.

Amount of time spent outside: about twenty minutes. All of it walking to work/class/the car that was picking me up.

What a lovely day. Tomorrow it’s supposed to snow again. Maybe the next time I won’t be spending 11 hours inside.


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