Our house now smells of bleach. At least it’s better than nasty onions, and kudos to Kyle for cleaning the bathroom ceiling.

In other news, yesterday and today I made hard boiled eggs for two separate reasons. Yesterday I made some (i.e. not enough) deviled eggs for a game night that Kyle and I had with our siblings. Today we had salad for dinner with eggs, cheese, and bacon toppings. Now hard boiled eggs are always a challenge, because you need to peel them without pulling off half of the whites and making the egg look bad. You want a nice, clean, beautiful egg that looks little different than before you peeled the shell off. Yesterday, I took special care to crack and peel the eggs, since deviled eggs that look like they’ve been picked at with your fingers aren’t nearly as appetizing as the other kind. Naturally, I was planning on using my egg slicer to cut up the eggs for the salad, which means that it didn’t matter if the whites looked bad when I peeled them, they were going to end up as small cubes, rendering beautiful eggs unnecessary.

So, naturally, the eggs yesterday looked terrible after I’d peeled them, and the ones today looked almost perfect. My deviled eggs looked bad, but tasted good, and my salad eggs looked great and ended up cubed onto salads.

Such is my life. Wo is me.

I got hired at my job in the Fall of ’09. The office was always freezing, but my coworkers assured me that during the summer we had the opposite problem, and that the office was always roasting. I figured that being warm is better than being cold, so I eagerly anticipated the summer when I wouldn’t have to wear a winter coat at the office anymore.

Last summer arrived, and I found out that my co-workers were wrong.

It’s always cold in our office.

So I brought a space heater to work and it made a great improvement, but it’s still always got just a chill in the office. So I have a cold hands job. No matter what time of the year it is, I’ve always got cold hands at work.


In good news, my GPA went up again after this semester and I received an Undergraduate Research Award for $1500 from the Chemistry department. The latter quite amuses me as I am not a Chemistry major. It’s for my job and I completely qualify for it, but I still think it’s funny.


4 thoughts on “Vignettes

  1. I have found the best way of peeling hard boiled eggs is to run cold water on them as soon as they are done and then begin peeling them. If they cool too much they don’t peel as well.

  2. The key to making good hard boiled eggs that peel easily is to use old eggs, ones that have been in the fridge for about a week. Fresh eggs don’t peel as easily.

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