Do it For Love

Tonight Kyle and I went to a concert for a local band called Fictionist. They’ve actually become quite popular and are in a competition to be on the August cover of the Rolling Stones magazine. It was a free rooftop concert, which means that it was on the roof of a parking garage. The venue was quite cool because when you’re that high up in Provo, you only see the pretty and interesting looking buildings.

I was thinking while we were there. Concerts like that are not my favorite. I usually don’t like the opening bands (tonight’s played about 5 slow songs in a row; I was falling asleep on them), and by the time the band you actually want to hear gets there, you’ve been there for an hour. I’ve got about 1.5 hours worth of enjoyment for any show, so this leaves me with about thirty minutes to appreciate the band I actually like before I get bored/tired/my butt hurts too much because the seating is so uncomfortable.

But I go to them. I go because Kyle loves it. And I guess that’s all to it, there’s give and take in relationships. He comes to JoAnn’s with me and stands in line at the cutting counter for thirty minutes, and I go to concerts with him. We don’t do it begrudgingly; we just do it because it’s more important for us to do it with each other than to do exactly what we want when we want it. Putting the other person’s needs and wants ahead of yours–isn’t that what a relationship is about?


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