Summer PJ’s

Despite the two day break in warm weather for freezing cold belated April Showers, the weather is actually getting warmer. I thought that this demanded that I pull out my cute summer PJ’s. Said cute summer PJ’s are orange Mickey Mouse capris with a matching t-shirt.

I bought them at Wal-Mart.

I started digging through my drawers, but I couldn’t find them. This didn’t surprise me too much, so I started looking through my closet. Then I called over tall husband and demanded requested that he look on the top shelf to find them. They weren’t anywhere to be found!

Now, I do have a pair of Justice League pajama pants that Matthew gave me for Christmas two years ago, but they are pants, not capris, which are less suited for how dang hot our house gets without the swamp cooler. Also, Matthew bought them in the men’s section. They have a fly. Truth be told, this has never prevented me from wearing them, but I was on the search for Mickey Mouse! It was at about this point that I realized I was behaving somewhat like a three-year-old. No I don’t want Justice League! I need Mickey now!

At this point I pulled out the secret suitcase that I keep all the clothes I can’t fit into my closet or drawers and searched through it. I mean, I put summer clothes away in winter so that my winter clothes fit, so maybe I had put them away.

Sadly, I had not put them in the secret suitcase.

So I did the next logical thing, and pulled out the secreter box that I put the clothes that I can’t into my drawers, my closet, or the secret suitcase. Alas! They were not hidden amongst all of my high school band t-shirts that I never wear but can’t bear to part with. SADCRIES.

I can only assume that they got lost somehow in the move.

Farewell, Mickey pajamas. I shall miss thee.

At least it gives me an excuse to buy new summer PJ’s.


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