Reasonable Goals

Today I set myself a goal: I want to someday put a zipper into a garment without having to unpick it. At all. Not even the tiniest ittiest bit.

Amy inherited a princess dress with a fouled up zipper, and requested that I replace it. Sure! I can replace it! I’m seamstress extraordinaire! I offered pleasantly without once pausing to remember that I stink at zippers. Once they’re in they work great and look good, it’s just that I cannot for the life of me get them right the first time. It took me an hour and half to unpick the zipper on the princess dress and put in a new one.

It really shouldn’t have taken that long.

I’m making a dress right now for a friend who is attending a wedding next Friday (5/20), and there is a zipper in it. Zipper, I shall conquer you!

…hopefully on the first try…


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