Manliness Points

Today my friend had a BBQ up Provo canyon to celebrate her birthday. Kyle announced that he loved campfires because if a man walks into a room smelling like campfire smoke, then he immediately has three more manliness points than any other man in the room.

Just so you know, in case you’re keeping track of manliness points.

It’s things like this about Kyle that make me laugh. When we were dating, he assured me that he was the most comfortable man in North America, and the third most comfortable man in the world. It’s just so outlandish that it makes me laugh.


7 thoughts on “Manliness Points

  1. Hey, manliness points are important! How else are you to measure the worth of your man if he doesn’t have three more points than everyone else in the room >.>

    I love these cute little stories!

    • Aw, I’m glad that you like the stories. I get paranoid sometimes that I’m just blathering on and nobody enjoys what I’m writing. The only thing that assures me that people are even reading is the stats counter on the dashboard. ^^

      • I know what you mean ^^; But it’s really fun to see your adventures. I need to learn how to do short, sweet posts like yours, so I’m trying to learn from your example.

        Now, I need to go find this stats counter. I didn’t know one existed!

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