Demon Weeds

I updated my bio, and if the theme changes a bit in the near future it’s because I’m playing with it, trying to make something that I like and that works. I’m thinking of an art nouveau inspired theme. I’ve got an inspiration board picked out and everything. Now if I can just figure out how to do it on wordpress.

…Please forgive the art deco car. Top Gear hasn’t been inspiring me at all lately…shifty eyes…

In the meantime, I have demon weeds in my garden. The kind of weeds that have one central root that goes deep, deep into the soil. I get the impression that many of the previous gardeners have just pulled out a number of the weeds without digging out the roots, because some of the roots go deep and are really hard to dig out. I literally dug a hole as deep as my arm is long today and still couldn’t find the bottom of the root of one particular weed. Curse you! And I’ve already planted many seeds, so I’m anxious about disturbing their roots and killing them.

I shake my fist at you, demon weeds! Shakeshakeshakeshake!

On the bright side, my pea plants are doing smashingly. I have onions peeking out, and even a squash or two and a pumpkin seedling. If only my flowers would germinate. Also, my tomato plant continues to live! Those blooms fell off, and now I have teensy weensy little bitty baby green tomatoes in their places.

Awww! Hooray! Someday I will be able to eat them! :D

Here’s hoping that I don’t kill my garden this year!

Or that the weather doesn’t. If real summer decided to come, I’d be very appreciative.


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