Romantical Stereotypes

So it turns out that Kyle and I aren’t very good at the stereotypical romance. That one time we took a long walk on the beach and it was dreary and overcast should have been good foreshadowing.

Yesterday we decided to go up the canyon and start a fire and snuggle under the stars. It’s pertinent here to mention that it’s been raining for about the past ten thousand years, and we didn’t have any dry firewood. I know a couple of people in the ward who do, so I tried to call them, but nobody answered. So we took some dry-ish firewood from our place, borrowed a lighter from Amy, and trundled off to the mountains.

It turns out wet wood doesn’t light very well. Also, due to the rain and melting snow, the river in the park was so swollen that it had flooded the firepit that I wanted to use. We had to go out and find another one that didn’t have four inches of water in it (water also doesn’t light well). Once we found one, we had a marvelous time trying to light it and lighting a lot of paper on fire. Then we sat together under the cloud cover and pretended that it was warm enough.

It turned out being a lot of fun, even with no fire and no stars, and I was glad to get away from the house. Sometimes the best dates are the ones that go off course from the plans you had set.

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