Chairs and Grills

We teach the 7 and 8 yeas old primary class, and in sharing time, we get the “big chairs.” In our primary room, they are all folding chairs; some of the chairs have cushions and some are just metal folding chairs. The kids like the soft chairs, but as it turned out today Kyle set his scriptures down on one of the soft chairs and one of our pill children complained because he had been saddled with a hard chair.

Kyle just looked at him and said, “Think of it as an allegory for life. Sometimes you get the hard chairs, and sometimes you get the soft chairs.”

In other news, it turns out that if you marinade chicken in a marinade comprised mostly of vegetable oil, grilling it is an adventure in flames. The chicken was delicious, but our grill was essentially on fire the entire time I cooked it.



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