Almost Wednesday

So it turns out that this May is that awkward almost five week long month, but not quite. Normally this is fine, but the way I split up the grocery money I really only have four weeks worth of grocery money. Which means that I spent the last of it on the 21st.




Wherefore art thou food?

Now, it’s really not that bad. We have more than enough to keep us fed for another month or so. It’s really the perishables and snack food that we end up missing. And the cheese. We eat copious amounts of cheese. And I miss it.

But today was Monday. Which means that tomorrow is Tuesday. Which means that it’s almost Wednesday. Which means that it will be June and I can use June grocery money to buy cheese.

And other foodstuffs that we actually need.

And all will be right with the world.



2 thoughts on “Almost Wednesday

  1. Watch it, this came very close to being a rebecca black blog. “It’s wednesday, it’s wednesday. Everybody getting cheese ’cause it’s wednesday…” Haha. June is a great month for because I actually get paid 3 times instead of only twice.

    • Well, I don’t think that everybody getting cheese on Wednesday is really *such* a bad thing. ^_~ Getting paid many times is nice. My sister gets that because she’s a school teacher.

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