1990 Pink Teddy Bear

Today at work we somehow got on the subject of Toy Story 3 (not uncommon as Pixar is one of the things we all like), and I mentioned how my teddy bear had been lost when I was little (in Germany, fist shakes in that country’s general direction), similar to Lotso in the movie. One of my coworkers asked if mine had become the tyrannical ruler of a daycare, to which I responded of course he had. My teddy bear WOULD be a tyrant.

But then I felt guilty about it. Teddy wasn’t a tyrant, he was a sweet little pink-bodied teddy bear who was made of nothing but love. He was made for snuggling and comfort, not tyranny.

And then I felt weird about feeling guilty about how Teddy would have acted if he was actually sentient.

Another coworker of mine mentioned that her husband had purchased her old favorite bear that had also been lost, so I got online and tried to see if I could find my bear. Maybe I can, but I have no idea what brand he was or where my grandma got him. Honestly, he was probably some off-brand bear that were made in 1990 and no other year. I couldn’t find him. Granted, not having much more to Google off of than “1990 Pink Teddy Bear” isn’t exactly a great start. I did find the Puffalump bear that Wesley used to have.

But I loved that little teddy bear. And I’m still sad that he got lost.


10 thoughts on “1990 Pink Teddy Bear

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  2. The bear was initially purchased by Grandma but he had a body make over at one point by yours truly. Grandma bought him for you because he was so cute and soft and cuddly.


  3. I thought Grandma made your bear. At the very least he had his body remade by somebody we love (Momma or Grandma, don’t remember which).

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