So I bought Kyle’s birthday present in February. It was a long time ago. His birthday is in four days. Ever since I confessed that I had purchased it, he keeps trying to casually ask what I got him as though I might forget that I got it for HIM and tell him.

Silly Kyle.

So he kept asking and asking, and finally I told him. I told him that I had purchased him a piranha. And that Amy bought him the tank that goes with it. Wesley bought the rabbit we’re going to feed it on his birthday. He’s utterly convinced that I’m lying to him (would I lie about a piranha? Really?). He doesn’t think that I could hide a piranha in the house without killing it and stinking up the place.


I can totally hide a piranha. I took piranha hiding in High School! It’s a skill, and I have mastered it.

It’s also why there’s a dead rabbit in our freezer.

Kyle just informed me that Piranha Hiding classes are almost as ridiculous as buying him a piranha for his birthday. But we had bring your tractor to school day in high school. You never know what we did at my high school.

Also, I misspelled “piranha” every time I wrote it in this entry. Apparently it’s not spelled “pirhana.” Who knew?


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