Kyle’s Birthday

Today is Kyle’s birthday, and we ended up driving up to Salt Lake to get sushi (we had a groupon to the place). I’ve only ever had California rolls before and the sushi…well…I liked the sushi that we got without fish in it. It turns out that sushi has raw fish in it. Who knew?! I was, however, a big fan of these little green soy bean thingies that we got as an appetizer and the tempura shrimp.

Mmmmm…tempura shrimp. I love tempura shrimp. My favorite that I ever had was at Pazzo’s in Antwerp (are they still open?) which was a fusion restaurant with both Asian and European cuisine. The shrimp tempura was delicious there, and it was quite good tonight as well.

I ended up getting Kyle LEGO Batman for the PS2 and another controller so that we could play it together. We made it through a couple of levels tonight, with me dragging down the scores on every one, but we don’t have a memory card to save our progress. We decided to stop after about three levels. It was fun when I wasn’t stymied by the controls (which may have been a majority of the time). I figure it’ll be a fun game to play together occasionally, and he seemed happy about it.

Perhaps threatening him with a piranha for the past two months made him totally willing and thrilled to accept any gift that wasn’t a man-eating fish. Hmm….knowledge for the future…

But happy birthday to my honey muffin, I love him, even if he does like to eat raw fish.


6 thoughts on “Kyle’s Birthday

  1. Sushi isn’t raw fish. Sashimi is raw fish. Sushi just refers to the type of food it is. In fact, sushi doesn’t even have to have fish at all, although it often does.

    • According to Kyle, who is much more knowledgeable on the subject than I, Sashimi is when the fish is placed on top of a pile of rice. Sushi is when it’s in a roll. You’re likely to get raw fish in either. I really liked the sushi with shrimp, though.

  2. Just don’t eat too much soy, as it is quite unhealthy (, despite what your vegetarian friends might say. Unfortunately, it is rather hard to avoid in the Standard American Diet (SAD), as it is in everything. Just read the labels.

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