Behold, the Homework, it Hurts Us

So I’m taking a 1 credit swimwear class where I made two swimsuits. Well, more like made one and am almost done with the second one.

I kind of screwed up on my second one and it’s taking a while to finish. It makes me want to cry because the cool factor of the swimsuit has been lowered significantly due to my inability to alter a neckline correctly. WHY AM I SO UNCOOL? AND FAIL-Y?


In other news, we had one homework assignment, putting together a small portfolio for the class. It’s due tomorrow. Naturally I have put it off until tonight. I finished it about five minutes ago. Yes, I am proactive like that.

I actually had a good day today, despite the homework. And hopefully I’ll finish the swimsuit tomorrow. And maybe the fact that it’s red will make up for the fact that it’s fail-y.


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