In Which I Declare Victory

Over that red swimsuit. I defeated it today and beat it into relatively cute submission!


It’s done, I turned it in, and I’m all done with the class except for a final evaluation. It’s four questions long. I think I can handle it. I made two swimsuits for the class, and I will post pictures of me wearing it as soon as 1) I get the red one back and 2) I add a ruffle to the top of the first one I made. It’s a bit lower in front than I wanted it to be. Fortunately, you can hide a lot of things in sewing with things like ruffles, buttons, and flowers.

It’s like frosting when you decorate a cake. Your cake can have a huge crack in it, but you put enough frosting on and nobody knows.

And now I will go and revel in my swimsuit victory. Possibly by eating something delicious.


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