In Which I am an Idiot

Today I had to send an e-mail to somebody who’s working for us, but is currently on summer break. It was one of those e-mails that contained moderately sensitive information. I looked over the e-mail, clicked the name on the cookie list and sent it off.

A few hours later, I get a letter from one of my Art History professors saying, “I don’t think this was intended for me.” It was the e-mail I’d intended to send to my co-worker.


I was so mortified. Both of their e-mail addresses start with the same letter and are just their initials and a few numbers (for example, if mine were in the same style it would be It was an understandable mistake, but I still felt like and idiot. It made me want to bang my head against my desk many times.

On the bright side, I found a typo in the e-mail and resent it to the person it was intended for.



4 thoughts on “In Which I am an Idiot

  1. That is not as bad as the time I received an email sent to a whole list of people and I hit the reply button to send an email to one person on the list, or so I thought. Instead it sent my reply to the whole list. Ever since then I have been very careful about hitting reply or reply all.

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