Kyle’s Party

Today was Kyle’s birthday party. Instead of doing a normal birthday party, he invited everyone he knew to come and make a music video. Of all his friends, Wesley and Youngest SIL showed up. Fortunately, one of his coworkers who was helping film mentioned it to a friend of his, and he brought two other friends along. Two of them knew how to break dance. It was really really cool.

Yesterday Kyle, his friend and I spent a few hours shooting, and then another hour today. After everyone arrived, we spent about four hours shooting. It was a long day, but everyone who was there stuck it out to the end with a good attitude. We were really grateful for them. It’s looking like it’s going to turn into a good music video.

I got a bit sunburned, as did Kyle, and we’re exhausted after spending so long in the sun. But it went well, and Kyle seemed happy with it all.

Now I’m going to go pass out.


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