Kyle spent a significant portion of today nauseous and vomiting with a low grade fever. I forbade him from eating or drinking for at least three hours and felt a lot like my mom. I always hated throwing up when I was little because she wouldn’t let us eat anything until we hadn’t vomited for at least three hours and then it started with sips of water. I remember being really hungry and being generally miserable.

When he could stomach some food I got him sick people food and he spent the day in bed. I seriously dislike it when the people I love are sick. They just lay in bed looking miserable and I wish that I could make everything better for them. I’d rather be sick myself than have them be sick I dislike having them sick so much.

On the bright side, he’s eating soup right now and his stomach is feeling better. Now I’m going to crawl in bed and hope that whatever he had wasn’t contagious. I don’t actually want to get sick.


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