Let’s Try This One Again

So Oldest SIL and FIL came in this weekend to pick up Youngest SIL from school. Oldest SIL asked about my garden, and I was sad to show her that only my peas, onions, and Four O’ Clocks have sprouted. The rest of the front of our house was just dirt and weeds. I also looked with shame on the place where I murdered my pumpkin plants (oh, forgive me!). In addition to the wind the night before blowing a million sticks into our yard and the un-fixable generally old appearance of our house, our front yard looked like White Trash.

I was so ashamed.

So today I weeded my garden, picked up the sticks (with the help of my lovely husband), planted my pepper sprouts into the ground, and re-planted more zucchini and cucumber seeds in hopes of a few sprouts. I also decided to buy pansies to fill out our sad flower garden. Tomorrow I will mow the lawn.

There’s only so much with a rental that still looks like garbage from the outside, but I’d at least like to have a well maintained yard so that we don’t look so un-classy.

Operation Not White Trash has moved forward!


6 thoughts on “Let’s Try This One Again

  1. Did your zucchini not come up, either?? I think I need to get some plants to stick in the ground; seeds and I didn’t get along this year. I approve of Operation Not White Trash, however, I agree with Gwen. i hope you have a lovely day!

    • I think that if the zucchini did come up it got eaten by weeds. So I’m trying again, hoping it’s not too late. I’d really like to have more green and less brown in my flower garden space!

  2. I didn’t think it was White Trash at all! I was rather impressed! Besides, you can hardly be accountable for Rouge Sticks. >.>

    Also! I love your comments options…is there a particular widget you’re using, or does it come with the theme?

    • It came with the theme, I cannot be held accountable for the amazingness of my comments.

      Also, with how OCD I get about cleaning before guests come (just ask Kyle >.>) I was ashamed about how our front yard looked. I woke up at 6 am the morning you guys came in totally anxious. I couldn’t figure it out until I realized that I was embarrassed about the state of our house. So cleaned until I went to work.

      I’m so weird. ^^”’

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