So at my work, we have to film the lecture before adding animations to it. Because ours is the kind of project that fits 8 people into a 4 person office anyways, we shoot in this same office.

It is also conveniently located between two bathrooms.

Typically, this isn’t a problem because you don’t really notice ambient noise like water running or hand towels being pulled free, but when your filming every extraneous noise means we need to stop and start again. It can be very trying, especially since it seems like posting the “Quiet! Filming in progress!” sign signals a mass bowel movement from the third floor of the Chemistry building.

We’ve discussed various ways of keeping the collective populace of the third floor from using the restroom during our filming. We’ve thought of posting more signs, banging on the walls in frustration, or locking the bathrooms. My personal favorite was that every time we film we should post a sign on the bathroom that says simply: Fumigating. Do Not Enter.

Also, if you ever use those bathrooms during our filming, just know that we know how long you wash your hands for. Or if you don’t wash them at all. You slob.


4 thoughts on “Fumigating

    • I’m majoring in Art History and am partway through a minor in chemistry. And you’re free to use the bathrooms as long as we’re not filming, but if we are you can rest assured that you and your children and your children’s children will be cursed for ever.

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