Moment of the Day

Today Kyle and I went to the water park Seven Peaks (which is only a couple of blocks away from where we live) today after work. We purchased a season pass that comes with a year-long pass to a place called Trafalga that has go-karts, mini golf, and baseball. In short, it’s a pass full of date nights for the next year. The pass works really well for us because after work we can go and have fun for a few hours before coming home and having dinner and relaxing.

It was packed as today it got quite hot (I heard somebody say that it was in the 90s, but I’m not sure that it felt that hot). Kyle noted that the kids at the park fell into one of two categories: entirely obnoxious or completely adorable. I told him that kids come standard that way, it’s the general package.

Right as we got home, Kyle was changing and there was a knock on the door. Out of habit I went and opened it. It was some sales guy trying to get us to buy something and as he began talking I realized something. I was still only wearing my bathing suit and had answered the door. Let’s just say that it was my mortified moment of the day. >.> As Kyle would say, “situational awareness!” Honestly, I had thought that it would be Wesley as he sometimes drops by unannounced and chats for a while. I would have been waaaay more ok with Wesley than this guy. Fortunately Kyle came to the door as well so I felt (slightly) less weird. I then refused him politely and Kyle gave him some water before sending him on his way. Knocking on our door right after we got home from swimming…geez…


2 thoughts on “Moment of the Day

    • It is a lot of fun. I never thought Harrisonburg was terribly small because I’d only ever lived in small places. But there are some things I do here that I look back and think, “Wow, I couldn’t do these things back in Virginia!” For example the water park. ^^”

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