Bad Eating Habits

I’ve gotten to the point where I know that eating too much of certain foods is going to make my stomach sick. But I eat them so rarely that when I get the chance I just binge. It makes my stomach hurt, and this process repeats until I get ill at the sight of the food. All I’m left with at the end is a lingering knowledge that I used to love that food, but the desire to barf at the sight. This has happened to me with Fruit Loops. It used to be my favorite sugar cereal as a child, but it kind of grosses me out now.

We went to my aunt and uncle’s for dinner and I ate about 8 rolls, and I knew that I wasn’t hungry after dinner, but I just kept chowing down on them because I don’t eat rolls often. I hope I don’t get sick of them soon, I really love them. >.> Maybe I’ll develop better eating habits someday.


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