Romance? What?

So I like sad songs, particularly breakup songs. I’m not exactly sure why, except perhaps that I was a bitter single person, but I do. Even now that I’m happily married, something like 80% of my playlist contains breakup songs, and generally sad songs. For the record, the song Kyle takes the most exception to is “Beautifully” by Jay Brannan. Every time I’m listening to my playlist and that song in particular, Kyle comes in and complains about the many sad songs that I listen to.

This works most of the time, except that the other day I had the urge to listen to a lot of happy romantic songs (can you tell I’m addicted to a romance story right now?), but my playlist was sorely lacking. Sadcries!

So, loyal readers (this includes friends, family, strangers and blog stalkers), tell me: what are some of your favorite romantic songs? I’m looking to expand my playlist so that every time Kyle hears it he won’t complain of depressing songs and so that I can fill my desire for romantic music.


12 thoughts on “Romance? What?

  1. If I had a million dollars by Barenaked Ladies
    I need you by Tim McGraw and Faith Hill
    Breathe by Faith Hill
    Carrying your love with me by George Strait
    Cowboy take me away by Dixie Chicks
    Don’t take the girl by Tim Mcgraw (also a sad song)
    Forever and ever, amen by Randy Travis
    How do I live by Trisha Yearwood
    Oh Love by Brad Paisley
    I melt by Rascal Flatts
    Broken Road by Rascal Flatts
    I’m already there by Lonestar
    It’s your love by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
    Let’s make love by Faith Hill and Tim McGraw
    Must be doin’ somethin’ right by Billy Currington
    One more day by Diamond Rio
    Remember When by Alan Jackson
    This Kiss by Faith Hill
    We danced by Brad Paisley
    Your man by Josh Turner
    Will you go with me by Josh Turner
    Beauty and the Beast from Beauty and the Beast
    Don’t worry baby by Beach Boys
    Kiss the Rain by Billie Myers
    If love was a plane by Brad Paisley
    Little moments by Brad Paisley
    Waitin’ on a Woman by Brad Paisley
    Let’s make a night to remember by Bryan Adams
    (for that matter pretty much anything by Bryan Adams)
    Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits
    Can you feel the love tonight from Lion King
    Upendi from Lion King 2
    Love will find a way from Lion King 2
    Heaven… any version
    If God made you by Five for Fighting
    One more for love by Five for Fighting
    Your love is my drug by Ke$ha
    This kind of love by Sister Hazel
    Sword and Shield by Sister Hazel
    It is you (I have loved) from Shrek
    You belong to me from Shrek
    Accidentally in love from Shrek 2
    Unchained Melody
    When you say you love me by Josh Groban
    …. I think I’m done for now. @_@

  2. Out of My League by Stephen Speaks
    Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars
    Make You Feel My Love by ADELE
    Vanilla Twilight by Owl City….okay maybe it’s a sad one, but it’s still good. :)
    Pretty much anything by Frank Sinatra is wonderful and lovey dovey
    Can’t Help Falling in Love and The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson
    The Nearness of You by Norah Jones
    Better Together by Jack Johnson
    Halo by Beyonce
    Everyday Love by Rascal Flatts
    As If by Sarah Evans
    It’s You by Michelle Branch
    What a Beautiful Day by Chris Cagle
    There’s No Limit by Deana Carter
    At the Beginning from the movie Anastasia
    No End in Sight by Katrina Elam
    You’re My Better Half and It’s a Love Thing by Keith Urban
    You Found Me by Kelly Clarkson
    Love Like This by Natasha Bedingfield

    Can you tell that Amy and I are in the same room right now? :)

  3. I’m running on the assumption that you don’t want songs we grew up with or you have on CD, like Sara Bareilles or Ingrid Michaelson.

    Also, you might get a lot of comments from me.

  4. What Makes You Different by the BSB
    Love Story by Taylor Swift
    Mine by Taylor Swift (watch the music video, too!)
    Hero by Enrique Iglasias
    Because of You by 98 degrees
    The Longest Time by Billy Joel
    Nothing at All by Allison Krauss
    The Power of Love …uhh, Sailor Moon…
    If You’re Not The One by Daniel Beddingfield
    Just the Girl by the Click Five

    If I think of anymore, I’ll send them your way. Also, I, too, love breakup songs. And boys suck. All of them. Throw rocks at them, with fervor and gusto.

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