My Hero Today

Today, Wesley is my hero. Why? We’ve been fighting a mattress war with RC Willey to get them to replace our mattress hich has a depression almost 3 inches deep on one side of it. We’ve owned it for 9 months and in theory it has a 10 year warranty. In reality it had a couple of small stains on the mattress where the sheet pops off. RC Willey maintains that means that the warranty is void despite how young it is. In order to make them replace our mattress, we had to get it professionally cleaned, so we dutifully called the mattress cleaners and they came yesterday. They vacuumed all the dust mites out, put a UV light over it to kill any remaining bugs, and sprayed it with a chemical cleaner to get the stains out. The cleaner worked like magic, the stains were gone by the time the workers left. Unfortunately, it has to cure for three days, so we can’t sleep on our mattress for three days. We didn’t have any mats, so we piled up every blanket that we owned and slept on the floor.

Last night was long, hot, and uncomfortable. I was grouchy-bordering-on-angry when I woke up this morning. My back was sore and I was saying nasty things about RC Willey under my breath as I got ready for work. This evening after dinner Kyle needed the car, so I called Wesley and asked him if he’d go to Wal-Mart with me so I could pick up a mat so that sleeping on the floor wouldn’t be so horrendous. Despite the fact that he was on campus playing Magic, he left to pick me up and helped me pick out a suitable air mattress.

It made me feel so loved. Kyle and I will now not have to endure two more nights of terrible sleep, and Wesley became my hero.


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