Birthday Prep

So on Saturday I made the rash decision to make myself a red, white, and blue birthday outfit the way that Momma always used to do for me when I was growing up. I went out and purchased fabric and two simple patterns for a skirt and the blouse. The skirt flew together, it was done by Monday.

Then I made the rash-er decision to make the blouse really cute by adding ruffles and a front band (I hated the button closure). This has managed to add quite a bit of time to the construction of the blouse. U.U I should have known it would happen like this, but it will look really cute when I’m done! I promise!

I just need to find the time to devote to making it. Family’s coming into town tomorrow. Ok, more like in forty minutes. Also, I’m inheriting a pooch for a couple of days and I have sewing things all over my floor. o.o Titan, don’t eat my blouse!

Now, onto ruffle construction…


2 thoughts on “Birthday Prep

    • I did indeed get your voicemail, but I was at work so I couldn’t call at the time. I will call you back soon. Ish. >.> My family’s in town this week so I’ve been a bit busy after work.

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