Today is kudos to Kyle for being patient when I was upset. He’s quite amazing because I can get onto something and rant and rant and rant about it, and he just sits patiently and waits for me to finish. When I’m done he says nice things and makes me feel better. I think it’s truly a gift.

Yesterday the ruffles gave me trouble, today it’s the seam allowances. I finally made a decision about how to do the princess seams on the blouse, but I ended up hating it. I serpentined the seam allowances, but it just looks so hideous I can’t bear to leave it (even if it’s only on the inside). I think I’m going to make mock French seams tomorrow so that I can be content knowing that my blouse is pretty on the outside and the inside. It just matters to me.

Last night we inherited Titan, my parent’s pooch. I forbade him from coming into my sewing room, and set a blanket just outside the door and in the kitchen. He sacked out and watched me sew for a few hours tonight. I’m glad he’s been so obedient about it.


2 thoughts on “Vignettes

  1. I didn’t know you had a blog. So happy to see the link of FB. Just added you to my reader. Kyle reminds me of LG. He’s so good at patiently waiting for my rants to end. LOL Your anniversary is one day before ours. :)

    • Well, we all just picked the perfect time to get married. :) This year Kyle and I are going to Vegas for our anniversary (hooray for cheap hotels!). I’m glad you’re following along, it always makes me feel special to find out that people read this. :)

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