Birthday Report

Today was my birthday, so happy birthday me and America! We actually saw fireworks on Saturday because the big fireworks always happen after Stadium of Fire, which is a big concert that Provo puts on in the BYU stadium. Stadium of Fire has fabulous fireworks, and I love seeing them every year.

Today we went to the parade, and then had an adventure trying to find a steakhouse where we could eat lunch. I had requested ribs, but it turns out that Outback Steakhouse doesn’t serve lunch. We ended up going to Ruby River steakhouse instead and it turns out that their ribs were delicious…mmmm…Also they had homemade root beer there which was delicious. Matthew’s in-laws had a cookout that we were invited to and Allison and Amy both made delicious cakes. We ended the day by playing Bezzerwizzer (a trivia game) at home with Wesley, Amy, Kyle, Momma and I.

Also, in the course of the day, Kyle asked me to punch him and then got upset when he wasn’t prepared for it. I made him kiss my knuckles better.

Kyle just informed me that I mis-told that last story, but I say that it’s my birthday, I can misinterpret if I so choose.


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