I’ve Returned!

This is officially the longest hiatus I’ve taken since starting this blog, but it’s for a good reason. I was in Yellowstone over the weekend and, despite Kyle’s best efforts to steal some, was away from the internet beginning Thursday at 2 until about ten minutes ago. I even left my computer at home, and although I brought my cell phone I never carried it with me in the park.

I like vacations because I tend to use them as a vacation from all of the gadgets and internet that I have a tendency to be addicted to when I’m in my normal routine. Checking facebook, my e-mail and twitter twenty times a day is somewhat useless and it’s nice to know that I can function without it. Although I did have quite a bit of e-mail when I returned…>.>

The trip was marvelous, and I even slept well despite being in a tent. I saw a bear, a bison (which is evidently different from a buffalo), some mule deer, and a number of adorable chipmunks. I never realized that going to Yellowstone there is essentially a wildlife Bingo game, and your life is UTTERLY INCOMPLETE and your trip a COMPLETE WASTE if you don’t see all of the assorted wildlife. O.o I also learned that more people get killed by bison in Yellowstone than by bears because idiots people seem to think that they’re more docile than bears.

Bisons weigh about 2,000 pounds. If you get it angry, it will kill you.

This has been a Public Service Announcement for all parties interested in going to Yellowstone.


2 thoughts on “I’ve Returned!

  1. Haha! I laughed out loud at the line about bisons. Good of you to warn us all. Previously, I was planning to catch one and take it home with me as a pet!

    Anyway, glad to hear you had a good vacation. :)

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