To Tan or Not to Tan?

While in Yellowstone, I managed to spend nearly two entire days out in the sun. I have returned quite tan and my marginally infamous watch tan line has even returned (now that I’ve gotten a new watch). I actually have somewhat of a dark skin tone and it doesn’t take much for me to tan.

What this all really means is that between the fourth of July parade (where I got weird sandal tanlines) and Yellowstone I am now more tan than I have been since high school when I went to band camp and Girl’s Camp every summer. It’s really just a sad testament to how little time I’ve spent outside for the past three summers. I like things like reading books and I’m fickle about how hot (or cold) I am.

I like to say it means that I don’t want to get wrinkles or skin cancer when I’m older. It just sounds better than saying that I’m a hermit.


3 thoughts on “To Tan or Not to Tan?

  1. The Beagle is hilarious. When I wrote that, I had not yet encountered any of his hilariousness, only his creepiness.

    All the same, I’m glad he moved to New York. He should stay there.

  2. I’m a hermit! We can be in the Hermit Club together.

    Also, Tsuruga-san is scary when he’s angry. o.o


    And the beagle is creepy. o.o

    • I love me my hermit buddy.

      Also, I kind of think the Beagle is hilarious. ^_~ But still creepy. That to me was one of the scariest parts because stalking is scary! That could legitimately happen! ::hides deeper in hermit hole::

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