Evidently Kyle has inherited his father’s sense of humor. When they get together they enjoy playing off each other going from bad puns to obscure movie references and back again. Now I appreciate me a good pun, but I find myself often just not getting Kyle’s puns, or not finding them terribly funny.

Generally, I have one of three reactions to his jokes. Reaction one: I don’t laugh. Reaction two: I give a half-hearted laugh. Reaction three: I crack up because it’s hilarious.

When FIL cracks jokes and MIL doesn’t laugh, he bemoans the fact that she used to think his jokes were funny. She generally responds, “Well, they used to be!” I have discovered that Kyle telling jokes is just a no-win situation for me.

For example, if I engage in reaction one (no laughing), Kyle cries out, “You just don’t love me!” and then goes and pouts in a corner for about five seconds before coming back with another one.

Reaction two (half-hearted laugh) merits a mournful, “You don’t love me enough!” followed by three seconds of pouting.

Reaction three (cracking up), which you would think would make him terribly happy and self contented at his own hilarity, prompts this reaction: “Are you making fun of me?” followed by a terribly suspicious look.

So, Kyle, in response. No, I apparently don’t love you enough, and yes, I am, indeed making fun of you.

Your jokes really used to be funny.

Ok, maybe not. But I love you anyways.


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