Links of Love

There’s a feature on a few blogs I frequent where the authors share some fun links that they found perusing the internet. Because seriously, who doesn’t like wasting a little more time on the internet for a good laugh or something interesting? So I’m sharing these links, dear readers, because I love you.

The Four Yorkshiremen The original sketch from “At Last the 1948 Show.” It makes me laugh every time I watch it.

Spring Heel Shoes I want to own these shoes. I found them searching for images for work and spent an inordinate amount of time wanting them afterwards.

Images of Elements High resolution photographs of all the elements on the periodic table. It’s the original source for these images. The difference between how hydrogen gas and deuterium gas looks is fascinating because the difference between deuterium and hydrogen is a single neutron. It just goes to show what one subatomic particle can change!

First-World Problems This seems to have come up a number of times recently, and it makes me chuckle.

1967 VW Bus I try not to camp in tents. It’s just the way I roll. My parents had a camper trailer and that is my version of camping. Kyle seems to believe in tents and sleeping on rocky ground, so we’ve been at an impasse about what to do regarding family camping trips. He sent me this link with this note: “If we get a trailer / rv / camper that looks like this, we will never camp in tents. I promise. But it must be THIS AND ONLY THIS.” I pointed out that there is no space for beds or more than two people to sleep in there, and he poo-pooed my complaints. So I told him we might just never camp as a family. Camping should be air-conditioned (<–first world problem).


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