Self, Great Day

Yesterday something brilliant happened. I have officially discovered how to wear eye-shadow all day long without it smudging or creasing despite the fact that my skin could compete with Oliviers & Co. for sheer volume of oil produced in a single day.

I am about to gush about make-up products, so if that’s all you wish to hear from me today you may leave.

For my birthday Kyle bought me the Coastal Scents shimmer palette with 88 colors of eye shadow. I’ve never had this much selection of eye shadow before, so I’ve had a lot of fun playing around with it. I’ve worn neutral colors, red and today I’m wearing a subtle mix of green and purple. In short, it fulfills my love for things sparkly and colorful. I love colors.

Generally in the past I’ve worn colors subtle enough that when the makeup mixes with my naturally oily skin it wasn’t too noticeable. The problem was that yesterday I wore bolder colors in the form of a bright turquoise and within a few short hours it looked creasy, greasy, and gross. I decided that I refused to bow to my skin’s natural inclinations on this one (I love all the pretty colors too much) and took to the internets to find a solution. It didn’t take long before I was directed to purchase an eye shadow primer. It didn’t take much longer than that before I found that in general one of the best products on the market is Urban Decay’s line of primers. So I went to JC Penny and purchased myself some primer. It was expensive, but it came in one of those pretty gift bags that says “I just spent too much money on 3 oz. of liquid, aren’t I cool?”, which did a surprising amount in making me feel better about it. I was excited to try it today, so I applied this morning and my report is that after 8 hours of work (including a 2.5 hour meeting), my eyes still look as fresh as they did this morning.

And thus concludes my “Oh my gosh I buy things that make me so happy I must share” soliloquy.


6 thoughts on “Self, Great Day

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  2. Wooo hoo! Yay for make-up. :) You know I love this story. Also, Mary Kay has a good eye primer that I have used before. You could ask your mom about that.

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