While in Yellowstone, Kyle and I ran across a very interesting woman. When one of they geysers erupted she pulled out a walkie-talkie and said “Aurem just erupted, repeat, Aurem just erupted.” Kyle went up and asked her if she worked there and she kind of chuckled. “No, I’m just a geyser addict.”

This interested us and we began asking her questions. Evidently she lives around Yellowstone and her hobby is coordinating with other geyser addicts who visit Yellowstone from across the world, and keeping track of the geysers. She told us a lot about the geysers and sights in the area and we chatted about her love for geysers.

I love meeting slightly eccentric people who do what they love. She loved Yellowstone and the geysers in particular, and she wasn’t afraid to spend her time doing what she loved or talking about it. She was quite knowledgeable about the geysers and made an interesting acquaintance.


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