For All Y’all…

Who found my last post somewhat disturbing. This is a very benign post about my living room. Yesterday I hung up some new wall things on our walls. This post is especially for Becca, though, whose measure of a real home as opposed to college housing is that the stuff hung on your walls have frames and aren’t just posters.

So this is proof: I live in a home, not college housing. Hooray for frames!


4 thoughts on “For All Y’all…

  1. Yay, I am really excited! I mean, my apartment has some pictures in frames, but they’re all really funky, like this fantasy scene of the Lady of the Lake with a unicorn, and a sword in a stone against a purple sunset. It’s pretty bizarre, haha.

    • Yeah…there are. And I haven’t yet figured out how to hide them effectively. Some of those cords are game controller cords, one hooks up my computer, and a couple plug into the wall. The plugs in this room are inconveniently located at waist height, which is part of what makes hiding the cords so difficult.

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