It’s a Grateful Post Day

Kyle and I needed a ride up to the Salt Lake airport tomorrow, and I had planned with Amy a couple of months ago to take us. Unfortunately, Amy had the gall to go and decide to have a fun vacation of her own (how dare she!) and became unable to give us a ride. Wesley works during the time that we needed a ride, so I couldn’t really ask him unless I had exhausted all of my options.

As I considered all of the people I might ask, I realized how blessed I am with friends and family who are able and willing to help us out. I called some people, but this was the day-to-not-answer-the-phone-when-Eliza-calls-day (it’s a sandwich phrase), so I ended up putting a general request up on facebook. Within the hour I had a response and my lovely cousin, Lynette, offered pack her short ones in the car and give us a ride up. I got another response a little later from another cousin, Ali, who said that while she couldn’t do it tomorrow that if we were in need in the future that she’d love to help.

I’m so grateful for family who are willing to help us out in a pinch without thinking twice. Lynette told me that she thought spending some time with us in a vehicle would be a lot of fun, which I have to agree with–she’s a hoot and a half.

So here’s to family and friends who love and sacrifice for you! I feel like the real key to this is to return the favor or pay it forward, and there’s just a little more love and gratitude in the world.


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