At Least the Weather is Interesting

For all the crap people give North Dakota, this is certainly true: the weather is always interesting.

The first winter I visited I experienced my first real blizzard complete with six foot tall snow drifts. I thought it was pretty nifty. The next time (this past Christmas), I experienced three blizzards in a two week period, which I thought was also pretty impressive. There were more large snow drifts and Kyle and I ventured out for a walk in -20 degree F weather, and I returned with frozen knees. When it’s -20 outside, a pair of jeans and long johns are NOT, I repeat, NOT enough coverage for some innocent knees. The tall boots and long winter coat I was wearing protected everything else, but my knees were so cold they were burning by the time we returned.

Last night, we experienced the most unusual lightning storm I’ve ever seen. The lightning was more like a strobe light than anything. It was like all of the gods were having a rave and Zeus got nominated to do the lighting. He came in from New York to the party in North Dakota and made the most happening lightning storm to accompany the rockin’ dance moves.

So it turns out that the best places to have parties isn’t LA or Vegas or New York. To get the real A-list Olympian parties, you have to come to North Dakota for the lighting strobe lights. It’s a specialty of the gods.


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