Home Decorating and Yard Woes

Yesterday and today Momma and I visited a nursery where we bought plants to make Momma’s house prettier. This evening, Momma and Daddy planted all of them and I watered them. It got me thinking about plants and landscaping in particular, which is something that I don’t generally think about. Beautiful plants, rocks, and mulch really make a difference to the front of a house. The house we rent right now just has dirt flowerbeds in front of the house. Now I have some vegetables growing in them, but there’s still a lot of bare patches and the dirt has a tendency to wash out onto the sidewalk (erosion at work in my front yard).

I really feel that it doesn’t look very good, but whenever I think about doing anything serious with it, I remember that it’s a rental and we won’t be living there for more than the next two years. Is two years long enough of a commitment to put any serious work into those flowerbeds? Do I care enough? Do I have the money for it? These are all questions percolating through my mind as I try to make it more of a home and less of a trashy rental. I have the same considerations when I think about any interior designing I might do. Do I want to make or purchase prettier curtains or a couch cover? Is it worth it? Will we be there long enough? At this point, will I have time? School starts again on the 29th, and Kyle and I are going to be pretty busy in the next three weeks. Once school starts, I have a tendency to drop all things non school-related except those that absolutely cannot be dropped (namely eating).

I’m a visual person, I like looking at pretty things and clean things. There are things about my home that aren’t pretty, but I’m in this battle with this house as to whether I want to do anything with it. I keep making improvements, and in putting in a few bookshelves a few weeks ago I finally feel like it’s in a state where I can feel comfortable and not stressed out about how perpetually messy it is (we owned too many books that were stacked in piles and not pretty, so purchasing bookshelves helped). At the end of these circling thoughts and feelings I usually feel too overwhelmed and poor to do anything about it. Making improvements cost money, and we’re in saving-mode right now, not spending-mode, so all of our extra money is going into the bank, not the house. That’s generally the conclusion I come to, and hide behind my frugality to avoid thinking about it further. But then I sit in my living room and wish it was prettier…repeat, ad nauseum.

Am I the only one who worries about things like this?


5 thoughts on “Home Decorating and Yard Woes

  1. Ahhh…the ever sensitive Amy. :)

    NO–you are not the only one who thinks about it! I woke up this morning thinking of a brilliant idea for how to re-decorate the big wall in my living room, and ran straight to the computer searching for cheap ways to do it.

    Whenever I move into a new place, I cannot rest until everything is set up and there are things on the walls. I am just so much calmer when my house is put together! (What I really can’t wait for is more storage space…so I won’t have so many random piles in my room and closet!)

    • I spent a good deal of this past year unsettled about my house, but because we moved in literally the week before school started, never had time to do anything about it. I’ve made some improvements over the summer that has reduced the unsettled feeling, but now I want to do things like paint the basebaords, which might be too big a project for the rest of the summer. :/

  2. Yes. :D In other news, I bought fairy lights for my front walk. Once I get around to putting them in (read: wait until Ben comes back and make him do it because Johanna believes in making boys do manual labour), they’re going to be gorgeous!

    • Hoorah! Fairy lights are the best! I can’t wait to see them! I also can’t wait to see your brand new piano. Also, you’re well-timed phone conversation allowed me to steal points from Momma in Cribbage. Unfortunately, I ultimately lost, but it was good to steal points from her.

      • I love my brand new piano! It needs to be cleaned (I’m not sure the previous owner ever cleaned it) and it needs to be tuned (again, previous owner), but I own it and it is mine and we loves it, precious! And you’re welcome. But you still lost. …But that part is not my fault!

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