Meeks Destruction Duo

I’ve been at my parents’ for the past week, and one of the first things that I noticed when we arrived was that they had purchased a new salt and pepper grinder for the dinner table. It was a cool contraption that had pepper and salt on opposite ends, each with a grinder that was moved by pressing a lever, and it had more than a passing resemblance to a totem pole.

Needless to say, it was pretty nifty. Pretty darn nifty.

So, of course, on about the second night we were there, I was innocently grinding some pepper onto dinner and I heard this cracking noise come from the grinder. It was a distinctly louder noise than the soft grinding of pepper. Also, the lever was stuck. I looked down at the lever and it had cracked at the bottom and was forced permanently in the down position.

After much grief being thrown my way, and profuse apologizing in regards to the grinder, I was eventually forgiven. Or, at least I think I was forgiven.

The next day, Kyle decided he needed to eat some lunch and that it needed salt. He was grinding some of the salt onto the meal and an oh-so-familiar cracking noise came from the salt grinder. The exact same thing had happened to the salt grinder.

What cheap salt and pepper grinders! I’m not just trying to blame the fact that we broke Momma and Daddy’s brand new grinders! Really…my eyes aren’t looking that shifty…they must have been poorly made!

So if you have recently purchased nifty salt and pepper grinders, it turns out that Kyle and I may not be the best guests to invite over to test them out. We have a past.


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