Isn’t This Why We Love Flying? And Road Construction?

So I got in on a late plane last night. We were supposed to arrive at 11:40 pm, so I knew it was going to be a late night.

Me and late nights don’t do so well anymore. I always end up cranky the next day, no matter how late I sleep. I think it’s a marker of my ever impending crotchetiness. (For the record, I warned Kyle before we got married that I was going to turn into a cantankerous old lady. He married me anyways, if that says anything.)

My plane ended up landing at 11:20, so I eagerly called Kyle, wanting to know when he would arrive to take me to my soft, comfy bed. “Oh, I’m sorry sweetheart, we’re still twenty minutes away. You weren’t supposed to be in yet.” Bummer, but still, twenty minutes isn’t that long. Two minutes later my phone rang. “I’m so sorry baby, but we just got stuck in traffic. We’re literally crawling.”

For those of you who don’t have the blessing of living in Happy Valley (/sarcasm), they have embarked in a two year long project to convert I-15 from a three-lane interstate each way to a six lane interstate each way. Most of the construction goes on at night and in the summer, and last night they had the interstate, both ways, funneling down to one lane. In case you missed it, the interstate is intended to be six lanes each way to accommodate all of the traffic on the road. Despite the fact that it was midnight, it was a parking lot. Getting to the airport should take 45 minutes–Kyle pulled up at about 1:30 am. It took him over two hours to get to the airport.

While I was waiting for him to arrive, I pulled out my computer to find an alternative route home and bypass the traffic. I had used my computer at the Fargo airport (where my flight had been delayed, incidentally) to write up a blog post. I opened it at the Salt Lake airport, and it wouldn’t turn on.

My computer is broken. I can’t get it to start. Of everything on the computer that I am most sad about potentially losing are all of our engagement and Valentine’s photos and all of my class notes that I’ve taken in the past two years. I still use my notes for reference sometimes–I like having access to them. Needless to say, at this point I was pretty frustrated. I called Amy (bless her) to make sure we could take Bangerter home, and she assured me that was fine. As we were going home, we could see the cars on the interstate–it was a line of cars extending for what seemed like eternity. We got home at 2:30, bed by 3.

So I woke up cranky. And then I had to spend too much money on getting my computer looked at ($65) and buying textbooks ($350, and that’s only half of them. I’m not buying the others until I’m convinced I actually need them). Spending large amounts of money, especially for things that don’t make me happy (read: not textbooks or computer repairs) makes me cranky. Then I got more good news from RC Willey (the evil company that it is) that we have about four days left to apply our store credit to the new mattress (there was a 14 day window, and we didn’t get the letter until today) and that they might not even take our old mattress away. If they don’t I want to burn it. We also found out that an online company that Kyle cancelled services with two months ago is still billing our credit card. These things also made me very cranky.

So it was a dirty rotten, no-good kind of day.

The bright side is that Wesley made a delicious cake and we got to spend fun time with some family and some family’s family (as in, the family of our family who is not our family–follow that?). I’m trying to dwell on the last couple of things.

Tomorrow’s got to be better, right?


4 thoughts on “Isn’t This Why We Love Flying? And Road Construction?

  1. Yes, because you’re going to make Johanna’s hair look pretty, and that always makes things better. Also, I gave in and bought a coastal scents palate. And then I bought two books.

    At least you were smart enough to bypass the traffic! Go you! *high five*

    • Yeah, I was glad to miss the traffic on the way back. We could see it from Bangerter and it was a long line of cars. It made me think of the song “Long Line of Cars” by CAKE.

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