Today I made some pretty pretty princesses. And by that I mean I did the hair of two pretty princesses. I went over to Amy’s to do her roommate’s hair because it was her birthday and they were dressing up in princess dresses and taking pictures in the fairy lights at a local shopping center. I also did said roommate’s sister’s hair, and both dos looked good when I left. I kind of wanted to go with them, but I had a prior commitment (also known as I told Kyle I’d spend the evening with him and we played Lego Batman).

It made me miss living with a bunch of girls and going out dressed up like princesses. That is definitely something my current “roommate” won’t do with me. He doesn’t seem too fond of sparkles and princess dresses for himself. And I’m not really sure what I could do with his hair to make it look like a princess.

I will just have to continue having princess nights with my girlfriends. I still have princess dresses that need to be worn.


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