New Mattress and Parentheticals

So our mattress war is over. There were casualties, but we won.

Tonight Kyle and I bought a new mattress and paid $26.31 for it (the rest was store credit).

With perhaps one or two exceptions I’ve never been much of a grudge holder; I can get over things with people pretty quickly. Apparently this doesn’t cross over to businesses or companies, when they mess with me I refuse to shop there again and I proceed to tell everyone who expresses even an ounce of interest about it. I’m never purchasing anything from RC Willey again. I complained about our mattress three months ago and they’ve finally deigned to fulfill the warranty (not that I’m bitter or anything). At least we’re getting a new mattress, and I’m hoping that it will hold out (it’s a pretty thin hope, our current mattress crapped out after nine months) until Kyle graduates (which is in a little under two years) and we get a real job (you know, with benefits and stuff) and can buy a mattress from a company that doesn’t suck or hate us. And can keep its promises.

In the words of my dad (who apparently does his research in this area), I’m exhibiting grudge-holding behavior. It’s not as bad as some of the stories he’s collected doing his research, though, there are some people who did some pretty crazy things. So I qualify under the not-great-but-still-not-the-worst-person category in this area. I guess that’s something.

I’ve been kind of cranky the past few days. I think I’ll go to sleep and try to keep my cantankerousness at bay. I don’t especially like being cranky–it’s cramping my style.


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