Kyle Tells Me I Should Throw More Fits

When I was younger I never put things where they belonged. So I lost things a lot. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “Well, where did you last see it?” or “If you put it where it belonged, you’d be able to find it.” As an adult I’ve been putting my dear mother’s advice to work and have gotten much much better at putting things where they belong. The mantra of “Everything has a place and put it there” has become increasingly important to me over the past couple of years. Miraculously, I can now find things when I go to look for them.

At the same time, sometimes even when you put things where they belong you still can’t find them because they fall off, get moved by other people, get abducted by aliens etc. etc. This has happened to me a couple of times in the past few months and it feels like my paradigm is falling apart. But I put it where it belonged! Why can’t I find it! I was promised that if I put things where they belonged I’d be able to find them! WHY?!?!!

At this point, all of those questions are just an internal monologue, and I go mope in a corner for a while, trying not to throw a fit because I can’t find whatever item was lost. For each item I get increasingly frustrated until I throw a tantrum full of whining, complaining, crying, yelling, and perhaps even the occasional foot stomp and arm wave to Kyle because I can not find the lost item.

Pretty much every time I’ve resorted to throwing a fit, I’ve been able to find the missing item within the next 24 hours (even though the fit tended to come after at least a week of searching for the item.) Kyle has started telling me that I should just throw my hissy fit and find the lost item at the beginning and save us all the irritation of having me mope and look for my lost items over days and days.

After about the fourth time this has happened, I’m starting to wonder if he might not be right.


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