As of today, I have officially been married one whole year! Hooray! Because of this, I will be taking the next few days away from the internet for some anniversary celebrations. But fear not, dear readers! I have enlisted the help of my ever beautiful and talented sister to post in my absence.

So that you will recognize her when she comes, I have included a photo.

Really, if that doesn’t inspire confidence, I’m not sure what would. Don’t you feel left in safe hands?


28 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. Happy First Anniversary, Eliza!!! Wow…that year went FAST! This blog is great….I’ve spent some enjoyable time this evening reading many of your posts…I will visit often.
    We all miss you bunches!!!
    Have a great second year of marriage!!! (our 36th is coming up next month)
    Love you!
    Sista Heb

  2. I hope you have had a great anniversay. I know from the short time that I was in the same word with your husband that he is a great guy!

  3. Happy Anniversary random stranger! Your husband has a strange sense of romanticism, but if you like it, hey, it’s not so strange! May your life together be filled with the best memories and moments together. And, don’t spend too much time on the `net, save time for each other.
    In strangerness,
    Wendy (friend of Catherine Gold who told me about your blog.)

  4. Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already. I do stalk your blog from time to time. (I only figured out how to comment today.) So I’ll miss you, but I look forward to Amy’s posts. I love that picture of her. I hope you have a great anniversary!

  5. Happy anniversary, Eliza! I was sent by your husband, in his idea of an elaborate anniversary scheme – I mean, gift. :) Have fun celebrating your wonderful day.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Eliza! Thanks for being the best sister-in-law anyone could as for, you’re absolutely wonderful. I’m super excited to see you and Kyle tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful time in Vegas because you both deserve it!

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