I Am Substitute

Hey all. This is Amy, Eliza’s faithful and ever-amazing sister. You can see my picture in the last post; I look like that pretty much every day. I’ve been requisitioned into posting for Eliza while she’s away so that all her loyal followers will still have fantastic text to read, even though Eliza knows I’m horrible at posting with any kind of consistency. Eliza dear is also under the delusion that I’m funny. If you think she’s wrong, feel free to leave many comments telling her so, or flood her twitter feed or spam her inbox. This will simultaneously fulfill Kyle’s wish to overload her with hits and help correct her incorrect assumptions, not to mention give me an opportunity to prance around saying, “I told you so!”

I was left with no instructions pertaining to content, leaving me free to say whatsoever I will. Since Eliza has a gardening theme going on, I figured I would talk about all my successful gardening moments from this summer:

1) I took Johanna (my roommate) and Eliza on separate trips to the store to buy seeds.
2) I watched through the kitchen window as Johanna and Rose watered their gardens.
3) I also watched through the kitchen window as the sun urged the plants to grow.
4) I helped transport rocks from Idaho to line our flower beds.
5) I successfully did not pull out any plants that weren’t weeds by cleaning the house instead.

As you can clearly see, I am a master gardener in the making.

Now I leave you with an Eliza Childhood Story.

Eliza Childhood Story of the Day: When we were teenagers, we were sitting around in one of our rooms creating stories, as we were often wont to do. In the midst of this, I asked Eliza how to spell think, to which she ardently responded, “eth-I-N-K.” I still make fun of her for it.


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