Titling: so not my strength

I went back to work today and am surprisingly exhausted, so all you get today is an

Eliza Childhood Story of the Day: Eliza is only one year younger than Wesley, so they spent a lot of time together before starting school. They were playing in the basement one day when Mommma went downstairs to holler at her for something. While Momma was on her tirade, Wesley, being the sweet and sensitive soul that he is, started crying. Eliza gave him her best flat, uncaring look, and said, “What are you crying for? She’s yelling at me.


3 thoughts on “Titling: so not my strength

  1. Eliza was being scolded for losing the hamster I told her to put in the cage. True to form she gave me that “OK Mom” look and proceeded to ignore me. The next thing I knew she exclaimed, “Oh where did she go?” and the hamster was gone. She still gives me that response… Mom

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